Sparta is back, after losing guitarist Paul Hinojos to the Mars Volta last year it seemed to be the end of the band, but they have picked up a new guitarist from the defunct band Denali and have started announcing tour dates including Lolla which will be my first chance to see the guys. Check out the new song via myspace.

Last night, SOUNDteam was on MTV2's Subterranean, it was a funny show. Bill from ST talked about how they saved Arcade Fire from being stranded on the way to ACL last year and they talked about how Win is a fan of the Houston Rockets and Bill is a Spurs fan so they had a basketball "throwdown". Good show if I can find it on You Tube I will post it.

50 albums that changed music, pretty damn good list[link]

Tonight in Austin - Tue. 07/18
Warmer Milks (KY), Iron Kite at the Parlor (100-B North Loop, 9pm)
Invicible Czars, Stolen Babies, Giant Squid at Emo's
Dashboard Confessional, Say Anything, Ben Lee at the Paramount Theater (713 Congress Avenue)
Unspoken Tragedy, The Malcontent Party, The Makai, Peyton Gin, Me Infecto at Redrum
Tattle Tales, The Personals, That's Mister to You at the Hole in the Wall

Another very cool blog, check out Rock Snob out of Toronto, great site.