So what else to do on a Saturday morning but make a list. It's way too hot outside so I thought I would make a short listing of the best new and (not so new) music that I have been fortunate to get my hands on lately. Kind of a end of summer (even though it doesn't seem that way) kind of deal. And a reminder, Simon Dawes + The Films + and The Politics are playing at Flamingo Cantina tonight so come check them out.

In no particular order:

Silversun Pickups - The blog hype is ridiculous for this band, but I have to jump on the bandwagon, kick ass band, great songs.

The Films - Traditional rock music, but the band are great storytellers, you can imagine being in the middle of every song.

Kevin Devine - Was hesitant about him at first, very Bright Eyes (who he has opened for) but it has grown on me, great songwriter, the most unassuming anti-war song, very good for festivals at sun down.

As Tall As Lions - Very melodic, kind of a Mars Volta light, without the salsa flair. In a good way of course.

Jose Gonzalez - Not so new, but after hearing his cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" I have just been hooked on his music.

The Politics - Austin band I wrote about recently, new wave meets Queens of the Stone Age in a strange kick ass kind of way.

Simon Dawes - Very hard to describe, they sound the way Fiona Apple would if she were a band of four guys from L.A.? Listen you'll see it.

Darker My Love - Fall in to that BRMC comparison, very retro sound, pretty big deal in Cali right now. expect to hear more about these guys really soon.

She, Sir - Another great Austin band, intense music you just want to get lost in. I want to see these guys live, can't wait.

Hot Chip - Kind of new to me, I heard "Over and Over" and I was hooked, The Warning has been in rotation for me since Lollapalooza when they were one of the best shows I saw.

Cold War Kids - The other Lollapalooza stand out, they were hyped by blogs, but I was still unsure. All it took was the first ten minutes of their performance to change my mind. Go see these guys live.

Ghostland Observatory- Like dance music if most dance music was good, I was late to these guys but I will be catching up real quick. Just added to the ACL festival, make it a point to see them.

So that is my list, excuse the cliche comparisons to other bands, give me a hard time if you think a band sucks, commend me on my good taste in music, discover something new, whatever, enjoy!