This weekend was a great one for music here in Austin, Friday night started off with The Politics at Flamingo Cantina. The show, the bands first, was great and I'm sure everyone who was able to make it agrees. The band treated us to an albums worth of new material and carried themselves not as a novice band starting out (which I see quite a bit) but a band that has something special and want to share it with anyone who will listen. I felt like I witnessed something special and more than likely I did.

I missed Fiona Apple at The Backyard but I was told that she was under the weather but performed anyways, I was also told she did not respond well to our Texas heat. I will post a link to a review of the show as soon as one is available, or if someone wants to play guest blogger and send me review I will post it (email me a review at and I will make it worthwhile, promise.

Saturday made it out to the super packed Sound Team / What Made Milwaukee Famous / The Black /Zykos / Glass Family/ Dimes show. It was packed with bands and packed with people that came out for the show. It was a tremendous show, the turnout is proof that what they are doing is working. What a great time this weekend.