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What a great week, what more could you ask of a city? Ghostland Observatory was a very special night. I will preach about them any chance I get from now on. It has to be one of the most crowded shows I have ever seen at Emo's. The atmosphere is strange, not your usual crowd. Some kids are there to dance some are there to see a band. And you get both. People are onstage, people are on the back bleachers, dancing their asses off. It was truly a special night and they are on to very great things. If they come anywhere near you go see them.

And them came Saturday...

The Yeah Yeah Yeah's at Stubbs, started off a little rocky. The opening band Ex-Models were horrible. I very rarely badmouth a show. I often choose to not say anything at all if I didn't have a good time. But if anyone is going to see the YYY's and want to get there early take your time and avoid the nonsense that was Ex-Models, sorry...

But all was forgotten and forgiven when Karen O took stage. She is such an amazing burst of energy on stage. They played a very balanced set with a dab both albums and their debut E.P. They played an acoustic version of "Maps" and my favorite "Y Control". It was a perfect end to a busy week. I have to thank the unofficial sponsors of this week Red Bull and Jack Daniels. Sorry about no post on Friday, a little burnt out. But I'm good now.

Oh and Kasabian will be in town on November 20th at La Zona Rosa, tickets on sale this week.