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SXSW 2014: Third Man Records Live At The Museum Of Human Achievement


More info at http://tmrsxsw.com

And that’s not all, the site also indicates that they will be selling a special decode ring at the pop-up shop on site. There will be 3 clues broadcast each day, all leading to a numerical answer, which then in turn will lead a word or phrase by Saturday evening. The first five participants that submit the correct answer to decoder@thirdmanrecords.com will win a special prize.


Thursday, March 14th
Promised Land Sound
Steve Gunn
The Haden Triplets

Friday, March 15th
Ex-Cult (From RRS in the lot)
Ultras S/C
Useless Eaters/Pow!
Black Mekon
Des Unit

Saturday, March 16th
Dough Rollers
Growwing Pains
The Young
Natural Child
Blind Shake
Kelley Stoltz