Editors | "Formaldehyde"


I'm not quite sure how we missed it. By "it" I'm talking about the Editors releasing a new album (The Weight of Your Love) a few weeks back. It's been nearly four year's time since we last heard from the band. In that time, lead guitarist Chris Urbanowicz left the band and they also became a five-piece with the inclusion of new members, Justin Lockey (lead guitar) and Elliott Williams (keys, synthesizers, guitars, backing vocals).
The newest single, "Formaldehyde" induces the realization of how much I've missed hearing Tom Smith's incredible voice. While the backing vocals are not one of the stronger parts of the song, I do love the prominence of the bass. Ever since hearing the Editors back in 2005, I still can't believe they aren't so much bigger here in the states. They're so underrated.