Grizzly Bear and Jim James Set For ACL Tapings


To say we were excited when we first heard the news of Grizzly Bear and Jim James would be performing an ACL taping would be an understatement. Back in January after Grizzly Bear announced tour dates a few days earlier, we sent this tweet:

We're ecstatic and hopefully you will be too! Both are incredible performers. Grizzly Bear will be making their ACL television debut, while for My Morning Jacket's Jim James it'll be his sixth appearance (record?) on the famed ACL stage.

Grizzly Bear's performance is set for Wednesday, April 10th and Jim James will be playing on Sunday, May 5th. For more information on how to win tickets, follow the incredibly cool and always nice ACL people on their Facebook page, Twitter (@acltv), on their official website, or by signing up for their newsletter. (via ACLtv)