Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Announce New Album

BRMC_Specter At The Feast.jpg

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has been one of our favorite bands for over ten years now. On March 19th they'll be releasing their seventh album entitled, Specter At The Feast (tracklist down below). A month later the band will be here in Austin to headline the Austin Psych Fest (April 26th - 28th). Tickets are still available for the weekend festivities and can be purchased here.

"This record took a long time to pull together," Robert Been explained in a press statement. "I think we all reached the breaking point after our last tour and needed to step back for a bit. These songs brought us back to life and gave us a second chance. I've never been more excited to play an album live before, these songs were born to be loud." [via NME]


1. Fire Walker

2. Let The Day Begin

3. Returning

4. Lullaby

5. Hate The Taste

6. Rival

7. Teenage Disease

8. Some Kind of Ghost

9. Sometimes The Light

10. Funny Games

11. Sell It

12. Lose Yourself