Sleep Good Release New 7" (Monsanto) + "Summer Explosion" Video

While Austin's Sleep Good originated as a Will Patterson (ex-Soundteam, {{{Sunset}}}) solo project, the band has morphed into a fourpiece over the past few years. Willis McClung (bass/vocals), Michael Bain (guitar), and John Kolar (drums) all join Patterson (vocals/piano/guitar) to make some incredible sounding tunes.

The video for their perfectly titled song, "Summer Explosion", features the band hanging out while on tour. Makes us want to go jump in the water.

The band just released a new 7", entitled Monsanto via Pau Wau Records. It features two songs, "Summer Explosion" and "King Yirgou" and can be purchased through the band's website for only $5. The cover is made from handmade cyanotype on watercolor paper. If you're not a vinyl fan, the band is also kind enough to offer both songs as free downloads on their bandcamp page.

Sleep Good will be performing twice next month in Austin — August 3rd at Mohawk and August 23rd at The Parish. To keep up-to-date with their shows, go here.

Sleep Good | [Official Site] [Facebook] [Twitter]