The Helio Sequence | "October" [Stream]

The Helio Sequence sure know how to keep their fans waiting. All kidding aside, the duo will release their fifth album, Negotiations, in a few months' time on September 11 via Sub Pop. On the record the band chose to eschew much of the cleaner-sounding modern equip in favor of vintage gear that they felt give the recordings a fuller, deeper sound: Tape and analog delays, sprint and plate reverbs, tube preamps, ribbon microphones, and analog synths.

Singer and guitarist, Brandon Summers, in another change decided to abandon pre-written lyrics and chose to create in the moment. According to Sub Pop, his delivery was largely inspired by the starkness and understated romanticism of Sinatra’s Capitol era “Suicide Albums”, imparting a more introspective and personal tone. “I used to view a lyric as a statement,” he says, “Now, I see it more as a letter you’re writing to yourself or a conversation with your subconscious.”

Listen to the first single, "October", down below and be sure to catch them at this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest.

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