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Tiger Waves | "Weekends" [Stream]

Tiger Waves is an Austin quintet whose melodies sound reminiscient of the Beach Boys mixed in with a tinge of The Shins. The band was originally started in the spring of 2011 as a penpal experiment (ala Postal Service) between James Marshall (Austin) and Reid Comstock (Chicago). As things progressed, Reid moved to Austin and the duo expanded, adding guitarist/songwriter Tyler Wharen, bassist Kevin Brown, and multi-instrumentalist PJ Theberge. They have a bunch of music on their bandcamp page, but we decided to share their most recent track, "Weekends". Perfect for the summer we must say.

If you'd like to catch Tiger Waves live, they'll be performing three shows this month: July 12th at Mohawk (w/ The Boxing Lesson), July 20th at Stubb's (w/ Whalers), and July 30th (w/ Western Ghost House and Origami Ghosts).

Tiger Waves | [Official Site] [Bandcamp] [Twitter] [Facebook]