Love at 20 | Lips In London

I interviewed Love at 20's Mike G over two years ago after the release of his first release under the Love at 20 moniker. I had been a fan of his previous band Clap! Clap! and I jumped at the chance to see what he had been up to since the release. Since then I have been lucky enough to work with him on several projects and we have always shared a love for 80's synth driven pop music. We have discussed bands like The Cure, Erasure and Depeche Mode on SEVERAL occasions and he always hinted that, that was where the bands sound was headed.

This week I was surprised to see a status update on the bands Facebook page announcing something titled Lips In London. Even more surprising is that this was not just one or two tracks that was uploaded but rather an entire album and it is everything I could have hoped for in a release. I am addicted to the synth driven sounds of the 80's and pretty much lost my shit while sitting through the movie Drive. Lips In London has all of the elements of those things and is refreshing at the same time.

You can download and stream the entire album at [Love at 20's BandCamp] page.