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SXSW 2012: The Deli's Un/Off Party (3/15) :: [RSVP Info]

I think we've told you a million times already, make sure you get to check out Radiation City!

SXSW 2012: The Deli's Un/Off Party
Thursday, March 15th | 7pm - 2am
Gypsy Lounge (1504 E. 6th St)


11pm Reptar (Atlanta)
10pm Body Language (NYC/CT)
9pm The Stepkids (NYC/CT)
8pm Gangstagrass (NYC)
7pm Vacationer (Philly)

1:30 Diavel (NYC)
12:45 BK & Mr. E (Austin)
12:00 ARMS (NYC)
11:15 Madi Diaz (Nashville)
10:30 Radiation City (portland)
9:45 Lucius (NYC)
9:00 Onward Soldiers (NC)
8:20 Loquat (SF)
7:40 The Veda Rays (NYC)
7:00 Jay Stolar (NYC)