Show Spotlight: Rodriguez with Jenny O | October 21st at Antone's


Rodriguez makes his triumphant return to Austin this Sunday with a SOLD OUT show at Antone's. The film, Searching for Sugar Man, presents the fact-is-stranger-than-fiction story of the would-be icon.  After his first two albums flopped, Rodriguez left the music business. Speculation of suicide became the legend.

Completely unbeknownst to Rodriguez, a bootleg copy of his album "Cold Fact" found its way to South Africa.  Throughout the decade that followed the album became popular amongst the anti-apartheid youth.  There he out-sold Elvis and the Stones.  Rodriguez never knew he found and audience.  The audience never knew their hero was alive. That is until a South African record store clerk placed an ad on the internet wanting to know what had become of his musical idol.  What followed was nothing short of breathtaking. Searching for Sugar Man unfolds like a detective story and at its climax reminds us of the true power of music. This film is intrigue, mystery, and all heart.

Since the release of the film Rodriguez has played on the David Letterman show, been a subject of a 60 Minutes profile and has been selling out at venues across the country.


The lovely Jenny O. will be supporting Rodriguez on all of his Texas tour dates. She recently completed the recording of her full length debut, Automechanic, as well as just finishing up a tour supporting Father John Misty and recording her very first Daytrotter session. You can stream her debut EP, Home, below.