Austin Free Week 2012

Happy 2012! The first week of the new year means one thing in Austin. That it's time for Austin FREE WEEK! What started out as a small showcase of free shows along Red River has exploded to a full blown event that takes place all over town. Below is the full listing of shows going on around town along with some of our picks as the "must see" shows of the week. We are also proud to have teamed up with Austin Vida, Red River Noise, SATX Music, and Pachanga Music Festival for the Austin "Indie Latino" Showcase on Thursday January 5th at Frank. More details on that show can be found [HERE]. Everything is FREE so there is no excuse to stay home so get out there, support local music and use that money you saved on cover to tip your bartender.

Monday | January 2nd 

Mohawk Indoor - The Eastern Sea, Danny Malone , Federal State Local and My Golden Calf (Presented by Vagabond Collective)
Beauty Bar - JD Clark, Hello Caller, The Awkward Robot and Loblolly Boy
Red 7 Outdoor - Mr Lewis and the Funeral 5, Automusik, Starlings TN, mandible and Moonlight Towers
ND - Western Tink & Beautiful Lou, Damaged Good$, Curbside Jones, Pac Boi Tank, H+ (DJ Set)
Swan Dive - The Soapbox Spellbinders, The White White Lights, Little Radar and Royal Forest (presented by Austin Writes Music and Cool In Austin) [RECOMMENDED]

Tuesday | January 3rd

Mohawk Outdoor - Crooks, Guns of Navarone, Whiskey Shivers (Presented by Giant Steps Productions) [RECOMMENDED]
Mohawk Indoor - Mike & the Moonpies, Frank Smith, Franny & Zooey, The Blind Pets and Mockingbird Loyals (Presented by Giant Steps Productions)
Red 7 Indoor - Bike Problems, The Gary, The Midgetmen, Blistering Speeds and Killdeer
Red 7 Outdoor - Floating Holidays, Rings Band, Necklace of Heads, Scorpion Child and Hour Band
Beauty Bar - Zlam Dunk, Boyfrndz, Sphynx, Sip Sip, Click Clack and Major Major Major [RECOMMENDED]
ND - Mary Ann &The Revival Band, Shakey Graves, Wild Child, Chase Weinacht (Marmalakes), Lonesome Heroes, Amy Annelle & the True Vine, The Duqaines
North Door - Spin & Tonic with Mike G
Swan Dive - Maneja Beto, Este Vato, Manzanas Malas and Son De Rey (presented by Austin Vida) Hotel Vegas - The Ripe, The Nouns, Bobby Jealousy and Kay Leotard
Skinny's Ballroom - Leatherbag, Mayeux and Broussard, Tarred and Feathered and Bob Hoffnar
Club Deville - Excited States, The Dalles and Teen Noir
Beerland - Coma in Algiers, St 37, Air traffic Contollers and Rhett and Dean
29th Street Ballroom - Lonesome Heroes and Bitter Birds
Scoot Inn - Downfall of Gaia, Vestiges, Dead To A Dying World and Boars

Wednesday | January 4th

Mohawk Outdoor - 10YR (DMadness + Yadira Brown), Ton Tons w/ DJ Rapid Ric and DJ Orion (Presented by Austin Surreal and Proper Entertainment) [RECOMMENDED]
Mohawk Indoor - Killa Kyleon, Gerald G, Worldwide (Presented by Austin Surreal and Proper Entertainment)
Red 7 Outdoor - Sober Daze, The Sweethearts, Piñata Protest, Heather Go Psycho and Mariachis Del Infierno (Presented by Austin Vida)
Beauty Bar - Look Mexico, Little Lo, Buxton, Tactics and Slash Future
ND - The Rocketboys, Shivery Shakes and The Coast of Nebraska
North Door - T-Bird (of T Bird and the Breaks) DJ set
Antones - Equals, Stereo Is A Lie, Boyfrndz and Residual Kid (Presented by Loyalty Firm) [RECOMMENDED]
Hotel Vegas - Hour Band, The trim, Flemish Giant and Liars and Saints
Beerland - Quin Davis, The Zoltars, Dave Israel and Greg Enlow
29th Street Ballroom - Literature, Wiretree, Milk Thistle and No Mas Bodas (presented by Austinist)
Frock On Vintage - The Boxing Lesson and The Hi-Tones (3016 Guadalupe Street)
Skinny's Ballroom - Graham Wilkinson, Thomas Champagne, J Molin
Scoot Inn - Yer Heart!, Madeline Ava and Mitch The Champ

Thursday | January 5th

Mohawk Outdoor - Maneja Beto, Lemurs and My Education [RECOMMENDED]
Mohawk Indoor - BOY, Daniel Francis Doyle, The Sour Notes, One Hundred Flowers and Burgess Meredith
Red 7 Indoor - Grand Champeen, A Giant Do, Elvis, Wes Coleman and Grape St.
Red 7 Outdoor - Hard Proof Afrobeat, Hundred Visions, Smoke and Feathers, Zlam Dunk, East Cameron Folkcore and Kay Leotard (Presented by From The Mind Of Adi & Austin Music Weekly) [RECOMMENDED]
Beauty Bar - The Mole People, The Couch, The Baker Family, The Nouns and The NYC Queens (Houston) Presented by Eye in the Sky Collective
ND - Feathers, Ricky Jean Francois, Distance Runner and Reaganometry
North Door - CLIMACK: Exploded Drawing DJ Series
Frank - Austin Vida "Indie Latino" Showcase - Politics, Pop Pistol, Vinyl Dharma and Friday Avenue [RECOMMENDED + SPONSORED]
Antones - Oh No Oh My, Leslie Sisson and The Frank Mustard
Stubbs - The White White Lights, Black Books, Les Rav and The Clouds Are Ghosts [RECOMMENDED]
Swan Dive - The Boxing Lesson, New Roman Times, Megafauna and The Couch [RECOMMENDED]
Hotel Vegas - Coma In Algiers, Bloody Knives and Chainbow
29th Street Ballroom - The Energy, The Gospel Truth, Cruddy, The Best, Nazi Gold
Skinny's Ballroom - Lord Buffalo, Salesman, Little Radar and Soup
Scoot Inn - Cabra, We'll Go Machete and Tow The Line

Friday | January 6th

Mohawk Outdoor - Calm Blue Sea, Missions, Clouds Are Ghosts and Octopus Project DJs, Presented by Lucy The Poodle Productions and Switched On
Mohawk Indoor - Total Unicorn, How I Quit Crack, Technicolor Hearts and Silent Diane, Presented by Lucy The Poodle Productions and Switched On
Red 7 Outdoor - Eagle Claw, Fleshlights, Woodgrain, Not In The Face, Dikes Of Holland and Este Vato
Red 7 Indoor - Church of the Divine Spirits, The Smites (Smiths), Yuppie Pricks (Sex Pistols), Germ Free Adolescents (X Ray Spex) Jesus Christ Superfly (American Hardcore) and Scary Mondelos (Social Distortion) Beauty Bar – Brownout, Roxy Roca, Bangaar, Gobi and Bulletproof Tiger
ND - The Boxing Lesson, Politics, (boy + kite) and Flemish Giant [RECOMMENDED]
Emo's - Quiet Company, My Education, Follow That Bird, Speak and Oh Look Out (Presented by Loyalty Firm)
North Door - DJ Kon Karne
Antones - Phranchyze, Zapata and The Hour Band
Stubbs - Chris Perez Band, Maneja Beto, Vitera and Kalua (presented by Austin Vida)
Scoot Inn - La Snacks, Markov, Skyscratchers and Trip Crystals
Hotel Vegas - The Blind Pets, Amplified Heat, Scorpion Child and The Red 100's
Frank - The Soldier Thread, Stereo Is a Lie, The Baker Family and December Boys [RECOMMENDED]
Cheer Up Charlies - Sundress, Whalers, The Magnificent Snails (Tour Kick Off) and Sweet Nuthin
Beerland - OBN III's, Pharoahs, Golden Boys and Church Shoes
Club Deville - Equals, Sorne, Bali Yaaah and Limb [RECOMMENDED]
Skinny's Ballroom - Kay  Leotard, Schmillion, World Racketeering Squad and The Scarlet Effect

Saturday | January 7th

Mohawk Outdoor - Special Guest, The Hi-Tones, Boxing Lesson and The Midwives [RECOMMENDED]
Mohawk Indoor - OBN III’s, Grape St, A Giant Dog, Ghostknife, Shivery Shakes and DJ Richard Henry
Red 7 Indoor - Lower Class Brats, Black Irish, Night Siege, Jensen Eyes and The Boiling Sea
Red 7 Outdoor - Dixie Witch, Tia Carrera, Wo Fat, OMGWTFBBQ and Mindless
Beauty Bar - Ringo Deathstarr, Sundress, The Clouds Are Ghosts, Ishi, My Education, Black Books, Bali Yaaah, Stukenberg, Presented by Lucy The Poodle Productions [RECOMMENDED]
ND - Salesman + Baker Family, Whalers and The Saddle
North Door - DJ Chorizo Funk
Antones - What Made Milwaukee Famous, The Happen-Ins and Gold Beach
Stubbs - Art vs Industry with Eyes Burn Electric
The Parish - Fresh Millions, Frontier Brothers, Marmalakes, Wild Moccasins and Hello Wheels [RECOMMENDED]
Hotel Vegas - Cowboy and Indian, The Greyhounds, Nakia and The Dead Left [RECOMMENDED]
Frank - Henry and The Invisibles, Gobi, The Shears and BK & Mr. E  [RECOMMENDED]
Cheer Up Charlies - Slug Bug, The Couch, The Long Tangles and Lean Hounds
Swan Dive - Quiet Company, The Pons, Stereo Is A Lie and Dead Black Hearts
29th Street Ballroom - TV Torso, Hundred Visions and Austin Leonard Jones [RECOMMENDED]
Scoot Inn - Major Major Major, Western Ghost House and Guns of Navarone [RECOMMENDED]

Sunday | January 8th

Mohawk Indoor - Broken Gold, Bremen Riot and The Gentlemen Rogues
Red 7 Indoor - La Migra, (Boy + Kite), Church Shoes, The Wolf, Psychic Palms, Scorpio Rising and Lux Divon
Red 7 Outdoor - The Triggermen, Parking and Kill City Beauty Bar - Cause in Effect, The Bye and Bye, Little Emily Warfield and GoGo Beware (Presented by 101x No Control Radio)
ND - Hot Rod Radio, Superlite Bike, Melissa Bryan and The Bang Bang Theodores [RECOMMENDED]