Fleet Foxes Set To Make An ACL Taping Appearance

Just because a bunch of bands recorded a ton of ACL tapings while they were in town for ACL Festival weekend, you really didn't think that would be end of them for the rest of the year, did you? On Oct. 7th (which is next Friday btw), Fleet Foxes will be performing a set for the longest-running music series in American television.

Ticket information for the taping should be announced very, very soon [UPDATE: Giveaway is going on now] (maybe even later today). To stay up-to-date, you can read the official ACL blog, follow their Facebook, join their mailing list, and befriend them on Twitter. Looks like they're also looking for interns.

The 37th season kicks off this Saturday with performances from Mumford & Sons and Flogging Molly.

We're really loving the intro for the new season! If you haven't seen it yet, check it out down below.