Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 : Guess The Fest

Please don't tell the other festivals (cover your ears ACL) but Fun Fun Fun Fest is pretty much the best. We have attended every year and it just gets better and better and we can't wait to see what they do now that they are taking over Auditorium Shores. This year the good folks at FFF are giving you a chance to attend in style and all you have to do to win is Guess The Fest! Just go to GuessThe and use your Twitter or Facebook login and you get 10 guesses to predict who will be on the bill (Don't forget about comedians!). The person who gets the most correct get one of the prizes below. Contest Ends July 4th so get on it!


FIRST PLACE: Fly-in for you and a friend: FFF will fly you and a guest in to Austin from any major US city for FFF6. They will hook you up with tickets, and no less than a 1 1/2 star hotel for the weekend. If you live in or around Austin they will fly in some friends of yours or replace the flight by buying you and 10 friends burgers and beer at Casino El Camino. Point is, Big Prize City and you will be the mayor.

SECOND PLACE: P-I-P PASSES: You and a friend get the royal fun treatment, and roll like Flavor Flav for a weekend.

THIRD PLACE: GANG-OF-4: You and 3 homies get weekend passes so you can flash mob the bar lines together.