Show Spotlight: Blank Fritz, Missions, Spells and Sorne at The Ghost Room (Tonight)

We are winding down to the last few shows at The Ghost Room before it closes it's doors and tonight Knuckle Rumbler has a great one for you. Blank Fritz (formerly Sunset), Missions, Spells (formerly MothFight) and Sorne all for only $5. I notice I have been doing a lot of (formerly)'s lately. What's with bands changing their names all the time? And while were on the subject why are they Sunset on the Gorilla vs Bear bill but Blank Fritz on this one? And when did they lose the {{{ }}}?? Is it time for me to change my name and play the (formerly Ultra8201) card? These questions plague me... Whatever he goes by Bill Baird is one of Austin's greatest talents and Missions are phenomenal so DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. Oh and if you show up on a bike you get $1 Lone Star!

Blank Fritz (formerly Sunset), Missions, Spells, Sorne
Art installation by Vid Kidz and One of One
May 19th (Tonight) @ The Ghost Room
304 W. 4th Street
Doors at 8PM | $5