Single Cuts Emerges As A New Music Collaboration Website in Austin

Started only a few days ago, Single Cuts is a brand new website created here in Austin with a concept of creating a song in a short time. First, they begin with a songwriter and a simple chord structure, then they add in a mix of local artists, along with a studio and an engineer. Ideas are traded back-and-forth through emails and sometimes demos, with the artists converging on one day to create a collaboration. It's a great idea if you ask us!

The first joint-effort involved: Erik Wofford (engineer at Cacaphony Studios), Danny Reisch of The Lemurs (drums, tambourine), Dana Falconberry (vocals), Abram Shook of The Great Nostalgic (vocals, guitar), Justin Douglas of Royal Forest (Bass, Guitar, Slide, Organ, Curtis Henderson of One Hundred Flowers (Asst. Engineer), and Eric Hanson of Recovering Lazyholic (photographer).

The first selection is entitled, "Jackie".


I wrote the song as a little tribute to Jackie Deshannon.  I was hoping for some kinda’ old-school pop feel.  Danny and Justin definitely helped trim some of the fat of the original arrangement, and after a few attempts at different ‘feels’ for the song, we settled into a back-and-forth between a 50’s groove on the verses and a more straight forward chorus.  Danny ended up hitting on this cool surf-vibe that keeps the song moving.  I’ve worked with Erik a lot in the past, and always love being at Cacophony.  Its such a great space, with a big open main room that lends itself well to collaborating and hashing out ideas.  He had a lot of tasteful input when it came to amp choice for guitars, effects on the slide, even a great ‘dub’ slap on the drums.  Dana is one of the most unique voices in Austin, and an awesome individual to work with.  We bounced a few ideas off each other in terms of harmony and melody, and she slowly emerged with the eerie little vocal ditty at the top of the versus.  It wasn’t long into the day that we were really starting to get into the spirit of the song.  The last thing we tracked was Justin’s outstanding slide work.  We plugged him into a bunch of effects and just let him improve through the song a few times.  He seemed to nail it on the first pass, but in sticking with the pop sensibility, he and Erik went through it several times to arrive at something subtle, unique, and perfect for the song.  I was really impressed how smooth everything went.  What a great way to spend a day.  We had a few beers, and Erik spent a little time at the end cleaning up the mix.  There’s something really satisfactory about starting with a simple idea and ending up with a great song at the end of it all.  No obsessing over the mix for weeks, no million more overdubs, no vocal comps, no worrying about album track order.... wipe your hands with a days hard work done....oh how satisfying. (via)

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The next session includes members of: The Sour Notes, Tiny Tin Hearts, The Low Lows, and My Education.

If you would like to become involved with Single Cuts as either a musician, songwriter, engineer, studio owner, web-designer, sponsor, idea-monger, photographer, videographer, or artist/thinker of any kind get in touch via email.