The Critics Unilaterally Concur: Chuck Klosterman is a Man Who Writes

I read the press release for Delicate Steve's new album, Wondervisions, before learning of its backstory from NPR. It only took a few sentences before I started chuckling. "It's like My Bloody Valentine minus the guitars." As Jon Stewart would say, "MMMM, that's good satire."

Apparently, the record label hired a writer to make up a fake bio and press release for the band despite the author having never met the band or listened to their music. The result is a witty, highly entertaining piece whose pop-cultural references read like the lyrics to LCD Soundsystem's "Losing My Edge." To wit: "The indescribable 12-track instrumental debut that reconstructs influences as diverse as Yes, Vampire Weekend, The Fall, Ravi Shankur, 10 cc, The Orbital, Jann Hammer, the first half of OK Computer, the second act of The Wizard of Oz, and the final pages of Jonathan Franzen's Freedom."

So it came to no surprise to learn that the man behind the curtain was none other than Chuck Klosterman. He claims it wasn't a hoax, but rather a statement about public relations versus music journalism. The press release and NPR article are definitely worth a read:

Everything You Know About This Band is Wrong