Show Spotlight: Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus, the musical project and stage name of Nika Roza Danilova, will be playing with Xanopticon on Saturday, October 29th at the Mohawk. Often described as dark and gothic, Danilova lists Throbbing Gristle, Diamanda Galas as well as Ian Curtis as influences. Growing up, Danilova was classically trained as an opera singer but began to gravitate toward more rock-oriented music in her teenage years. Yet, it seems that the singer still draws from her earlier training as one listens to her passionate, haunting vocals. Davila has toured with Fever Ray and the xx. Her current tour is in support of her latest album, Conatus, which is her third studio album release.

Zola Jesus' latest video for the track, "Vessel," features Davila against the stark background of the New Mexican desert.

Zola Jesus + Xanopticon
Ocotber 29th | The Mohawk $10 / $12 Day of Show
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