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Fun Fun Fun Fest Spotlight: Grimes

It's hard to imagine how Grimes mastermind Claire Boucher found the time to record her new full-length, 'Visions,' what with her heavy tour schedule sending her crisscrossing the globe. So when it came to hit the studio, the Montrealer did it the only way she knew how to.

"It's kind of crazy but I just locked myself in my room for about a month and didn't leave," Boucher tells Spinner. "I didn't tell anyone I was in Montreal and people just thought I was on tour." Boucher is no stranger to working 16-hour stints, often with no food or communication with the outside world. But with 'Visions' -- which drops January 31 -- she took things to a whole new intense level.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest
Sunday November 6th | Blue Stage 3:00pm