Learning Secrets 7th Anniversary w/ Kisses + Interview / Ticket Giveaway

Learning Secrets is turning 7. That is 7 years of this fine duo bringing some of the most exciting up and coming acts to town as well as legendary DJ's and promoting the finest this town has to offer. The thing that has always stood out to me about them is that they never do anything that doesn't live up to the highest of standards. They book bands months in advance of any hype and always create a vibe at their events that can't help but make you feel that you are at the right place. This Saturday they are celebrating their anniversary with a huge party at The ND.

It comes as no surprise that they would have an exciting act flown into town for the event in the form of Kisses. If you aren't familiar with the band you should be. Let's just say that if you miss this you will probably be kicking yourself in the next few months. We took some time to interview the band last week and have some music up so you can study up on this great band.

All the party details are below and we are giving away a pair of tickets to the party on Twitter tomorrow so go follow if you aren't already. Happy Anniversary Learning Secrets!!!!!!

Learning Secrets 7th Anniversary w/ Kisses, Tim Sweeney and more.
Saturday, January 29th at ND Studios!
Doors open at 9p.m. | $10 to get in, $12 under 21

RSVP Today For $8 Entry: http:www//learningsecretsmusic.com/rsvp
Email info@learningsecretsmusic.com to reserve $20 VIP tickets which gets you line jump and complimentary Dripping Springs Vodka all night! (VIP is 21+ ONLY)

Interview with Jesse Kivel of Kisses

You've listed Alec R. Costandinos, Grace Jones and Cerrone as influences. Are there any more contemporary artists who have influenced your sound?

I would say a lot of Swedish groups, the Sincerely Yours Crew...TTA, Air France, Jens, The Whitest Boy Alive...

In "Midnight Lover," you sing, "I want to take you out for a nice steak dinner." One can't help but smile at this line. Can you give us any insight as to why you decided to use it and how it's cohesive with the rest of the album?

I forget what compelled me to write it but I instantly enjoyed it. Not sure if it works with the rest of the album in that it is a very cool and confident line that i think is very much a character that only exists on that song or maybe one other. The album is kind of insecure lyrically if you look at it.

What are the most amazing things people can do?

Anything that a person finds difficult for them personally and they overcome to me classifies as amazing. It could be asking a girl out or performing a show...anything really

Can you give us some insight into the creative process behind Heart of the Nightlife?

Basically I wrote the tracks on nylon string guitar and wrote them all in a row over several months. After Princeton finished recording our first album I went into our garage and recorded it on my own.

Are you both originally from LA? How has LA influenced you as artists?

I was born in NYC and Z was born in Providence. I grew up in LA though... LA is just a place with no seasons so I think it developed my imagination, forcing me to get into a mood even if it didn't exist on the outside.

You've done some touring this year. What has that taught you about yourselves as a band? How has it influenced the music you will create in the future?

It taught me that we could do it! I dont think it will influence the recording of the next record at all. The live show is a way to express the recording but we are very much a recording project first!