Last Night: The Drums at the ND

The Drums returned to Austin Saturday night, bringing an energetic 45 minute set to the ND. The Drums stand out amongst the current crop of surf pop bands by infusing a bit of 1980’s Manchester to their sound. One part Brian Wilson and one part Tony Wilson.

The show opened with the excellent song “It Will All End In Tears,” though the night would not suffer that fate. It would all end in smiles and a sweaty dance floor. Singer Jonathan Pierce was in top form channeling his inner Morrissey. His microphone whips urged the crowd to get straight, go forward, and move ahead. By the time the exceedingly catchy “Me and the Moon,” was doled out, the group was hitting its stride. Despite the fact that guitarist Adam Kessler left the band earlier in the week, the group’s sound was as tight as their pinch-rolled jeans.

Also, Our good friends at Austin Town Hall had a different idea of the night. We highly recommend checking out their write up of the night and then watching the video below after to make up your own conclusions.