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This Thursday night we are proud to support The Authors as they release their debut LP "Get Haunted". This will be your first chance to purchase the album before it is officially available on 9/7. We've had a chance to get our hands on it before it's release and it is certainly one of the better debuts we have heard in a long time. We were able to get a few questions in with Justin from The Authors in advance of the big show on Thursday. Here we go..

Now that the album is done and ready for the world, tell us what was the recording process like?

The process was intense, but rewarding. We logged in 12 hour days for 8 days, cutting tracks live to tape and rarely leaving the studio, except to eat and sleep. It was a very focused monastic life, but it was what the situation required to make the dream happen.

We cut the album at Elmwood Recordings in Dallas with engineer Stuart Sikes (who also mixed the album). At first we were all a bit apprehensive of going away to record, but I think that really allowed all outside distractions to fall away and all of us had to focus on the task at hand. When it comes time to do album number two, I'd like us to get away again to get the same feeling.

Your style is a little different than from a lot of what is going on in Austin right now, how do you think people will respond to that?

Well, I hope that people will notice us and see that we really want to make an impact not only in Austin, but nationally as well. When we started this band I just wanted to make music that I was not hearing locally and mainstream as well. I think we managed to do that on this album, now we just have to see what everyone else thinks.

What and are who are your influences?

Personally I listen to everything. I've found influences in all the classic songwriters in rock over the years like Dylan, Petty, and Strummer. I really like old soul records, Factory Records type stuff, Sixties garage, and everything else in between. Right now, I'm really into the new Black Keys record, the Exile on Mainstreet reissue, and Springsteen's Darkness on the Edge of Town.

Tell us about the release party and what you have planned over the next few months.

The release party is going to be at The Mohawk this Thursday the 2nd at 9pm and we have fantastic support opening for us. Politics and Motel Aviv will be opening and The Happen-In's DJs will be spinning between sets and after the show. We also have a ton of local blog support and Alison Narro taking party pics during the event. This will also be the first opportunity to purchase a copy of the album before it hits stores on the 7th. This should be a really dope show and I can't wait to play the album in its entirety for folks!

As for the next few months, we play an in-store at End of an Ear on Friday the 10th at 6pm and then we play again in early October at The Ghost Room. We're looking also to do some regional touring in support of the album as we get into the fall. I am hoping folks take this album and spread the word. I know we have something special here and I want to make an impact here in Austin as well as the rest of the country. This band and this album are the culmination of my life's dream and I want to see it really shine.

What was the most interesting thing that happened during recording?

Besides the fact that I became borderline addicted to Dr. Pepper (thanks Stuart)? Actually the most interesting thing was how much work really goes into making an album. You truly live, breath, and eat the songs you are working on and it really is a do or die situation that you have to pull together for. I don't know how some bands can do it when members have issues with each other. It really has to be a family unit from the word go and the band really rose to the occasion to make it all click.

Why title the album "Get Haunted"? Tell us about the cover art. (above)

When I was writing the bulk of the songs for the album I kept finding myself writing about relationships and how a person remembers them after they have ended. "Get Haunted" is about those memories and how you remember a person you had so much invested in emotionally as time and distance separates you from them.

I knew when it came time to record the album that I wanted an image to really represent the songs and have something for us to refer to emotionally while we recorded. I am a huge fan of photography and I frequent many photo blogs. One day I came across this Sardinian photographer Valeria Cherchi's site and from the moment I saw the photo I knew it had to be the cover. To me it really ties the title and the feeling of the album together. It's kind of like a snippet of a memory you might have of a past love, but somehow her face, the most important element, is now missing. It's just like how some memories, no matter how poignant, start to fade over time.

Who are your ideal tour mates?

Politics for sure. Those guys are our type of people. We love playing together and they have the hunger and drive like we do to make it happen. It's a real mutual admiration society with those guys and us. Also, I feel like we make a great complement to each other live. Plus, we dig the same kind of shots! (Ed Note: It was tequila, I was there)

The Authors "Get Haunted" Album Release Party
Thursday September 2nd at The Mohawk
with MoTel Aviv and Politics
Doors at 9pm | $5 with RSVP/$7 w/o