8201 Interview - The Hood Internet

hood internet 1 by claytonhauck.
(photo cred: Clayton Hauck)

The Hood Internet descend on Austin tonight and if you have any sense you will get yourself down to Beauty Bar tonight and check them out. The Chicago based DJ's have made a name for themselves over the last couple of years for their mash ups of indie and hip hop. Even better they have given the tapes out for free via their website. After you read this go visit the site and spend the day downloading (The Hood Internet vs Lykke Li is a can't miss).

The Hood Internet w/ DJ Rusty Lazer and Sebastian Nebula
Tonight!!! (6.26) at Beauty Bar [More Info]
$5 | Doors at 9pm

And now the questions......

What happens when a mash up doesn't work?

When it doesn't work we simply let it die, or post it at the end of the year in our ongoing "The Year In Rejects" series.

When you are touring how much does each set vary? Does where you are factor in to that?

If we're in a particular city or state, it's likely we'll try to work in some hometown/homestate heroes.

Your Twitter profile pic is curly fries from Arbys. Why? And more importantly which is better, horseradish or Arby's sauce?

They're really the best fast food fries. I'm gonna go with Arby's Sauce, which of course is their BBQuivalent. I'm wondering if you meant to compare horseradish and Arby's Horsey Sauce?

That was a trick question and you passed the test. You know your Arby's.

Being in a duo is tough sometimes. What do you disagree on the most?

I'm currently trying to convince ABX that we should pass out 500 vuvuzelas at our next outdoor show, and he is not budging at all.

What's your favorite thing to do when you get to Austin?

TIE: Torchy's Tacos or Kebabalicious.

Great answer! Hopefully you will have time for both. Oh and this Usher/Sleigh Bells Mash up is awesome, Thanks. [Listen]
[The Hood Internet - Oh My Kids (Usher x Sleigh Bells) by hoodinternet]
[The Hood Internet]