8201 Interview - Brahms

Brahms opened up both Passion Pit shows last weekend and those lucky (and early) enough to get to Stubb's were treated to a unique blend of electro and instrumentation. The easily won the crowd over and you can expect to see them moving onto their own headlining shows really soon. The band is fairly new having just "formed" in January but have already played The Fader Fort during SXSW and shows with not only Passion Pit but Telepathe, Lemonade and Class Actress as well. We were able to get some questions in with Brahms' Cale Parks while they were in town. Check it out.

You played some really great shows during SXSW this year. What was your best experience during the conference?

Rolling up to our Fader Fort show and learning that the secret guest artist going on after us was Nas. Mind blowing.

What was the worst?

Wandering around in the cold weather that Sat. I think that threw everyone off a little bit.

Touring gives you a lot of free time between shows. What are you listening to right now?

Ludacris- My Chick Bad, Gyptian- Hold Yuh, Inner City- Good Life

If Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club got into a brawl, who would win?

Passion Pit, no question, if their stage crew and techs are involved.

You are a fairly new band, when was your very first show? Describe the experience.

The first show was January 10, 2010, opening for Passion Pit in our home town, NYC. The entire experience was a surreal, nail biting, exhilarating, and inspiring evening.

What does the band have coming up after this tour?

A headlining show at Mercury Lounge in NYC this August followed by our first official release, a 7" single this fall! Very exciting times.

As a band do you use Twitter? And if so will you follow me on Twitter?

Yes we do ( @brahmsband ) and yes we will follow :)

(Note: they did)