The Ultra8201 Birthday Celebration | June 10th at The Parish with L.A.X, Love at 20 and Politics

I am very proud to announce and invite everyone to my birthday celebration Thursday June 10th at The Parish [RSVP]. Not to be confused with the anniversary show a few months back this time we are celebrating my actual birthday. I almost went the traditional way of having a quiet dinner and then getting together with some friends but that didn't just feel right. I am a music blogger and throw parties for every other occasion so why not have a show? And if I was going to have a show why not have some of the most exciting bands in Austin come and play it. So that is exactly what I did and here is the line up. Joining me in the celebration will be L.A.X, Love at 20 and Politics. The talented Alison Narro will be on hand with the photo booth we have come to know, love and expect in Austin. All the proceeds from the show will benefit Ultra8201 so instead of having to look for that perfect gift (kidding) you will be giving me a little help to make the site even better. In return I promise a night of great music and a really good time. Not a bad deal right?

A huge thanks to our sponsors and friends at Do512, Knuckle Rumbler, Sailor Legs, Austin Eavesdropper, uLovei, The Glitoris and The Peen Scene.

I would be shocked if you haven't heard these bands by now but just in case....

and remember to...[RSVP] $6/$8 w/o

L.A.X [Listen]

L.A.X began in 2005 with Andrew Collins and Erin Jantzen as an electro duo with a fresh sound and invigorating live performance. In 2007, they self-released "The L EP", an eclectic hybrid of electronic dance tracks that quickly established the group in the heart of the Austin, TX party scene. By early 2009, the duo had grown three-fold, adding Yadira Brown (Vocals), Jon Oswald (Drums), Rory Allen Phillips (Guitar), Chris D'Annunzio (Bass), and occasionally joined by Santiago Vela (percussion). These additions have expanded the group's musical range and elevated their status as a must-see live act. Collins thrives on cultural fusions apparent from the hip hop elements of "Don’t Push" to the reggaeton anthem, "Sacuda las Caderas". Jantzen and Brown, lead vocals, lure and dazzle the listener with unprecedented lyrics and melodies. Their breakthrough performances at 2009's ACL Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest and SXSW 2010 have been followed up with a solid string of shows in Austin and other cities around Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. L.A.X has worked their way up in the ranks of the Austin music scene and is a prime contender for opening and after party slots for the heavy hitting electronic acts that filter through Austin’s large venues. Thus far, L.A.X has opened for Kraak and Smaak, The Juan McLean, and Glass Candy and had the headlining slot for C3‘s Cut Copy after show at Stubbs. In May, the group released their highly anticipated sophomore effort, "The A EP", celebrating with shows in Austin, Houston and Dallas, TX. The Parish hosted the Austin event on May 20th, “The A EP Remixes” is available for digital purchase. [Source]

LOVE AT 20 [Listen]
Featuring Former members of Austin’s “Clap! Clap!” (Mike Groener, vox/piano/guitar; Louis Lemuz, bass; Mark Toohey, drums) have come together to assemble a newer and more polished (rock) version of their illustrious dance sound. With guitar-driven hooks and lyrics that are dying to be sung along with, Love at 20 desires to be where solid chart-toppers are today (but no auto-tune here, thank goodness). If Maroon 5’s Adam Levine was more into Brit rock bands like Stereophonics rather than Prince, he would have called his band Love at 20. [Source]


After first forming in 2006 the band played Austin with some of the local music scenes best and brightest. They went on to tour the west coast and performed with high profile acts like Dawes and Glass Candy. After a brief hiatus and some line up changes the band came back strong last year with performances at The Ghost Room, The Parish and Mohawk during FFF Fest. Politics will enter the studio this summer and plan for a Fall EP release.