Show Spotlight: The Peen Scene presents Jen Peen's Hip Hop Birthday (5/30)

Sunday, May 30th, 2010 marks the birthday of Austin, Texas club scene's favorite party photographer, Jen Peen, from Austin, Texas' farvorite nightlife, music, and party photography blog, The Peen Scene! Quite naturally The Peen Scene has chosen Austin's newest 7th & Red River video party hot spot, Barbarella, for the location. The night will be booty music of all genres, from beginning to end. Shake that ass, bitch, and let us see what you got.

And of course there will be an after party! When Jen Peen's birthday party at Barbarella ends and you you've wobbled your last wobble of the night, its only just begun. Head east on 6th street barely across the highway to Austin's best and only drunkest, crunkest after-party spot, End Bar//Biker Gallery (formerly Music Gym). There you'll find Orion, King Louie, and Pagame. 3 of Austin's most respected DJs, soundtracking you doing completely disrespectful things to your livers. Don't get caught slippin' at 2am, the party continues until the sun comes up. Sure its a Sunday, but you're off on Monday, its Memorial day!