Pachanga Latino Music Festival is today! Here are our top picks

Before I take off to Fiesta Gardens I thought I would share some of my top picks for todays Pachanga Latino Festival. The line up boasts an very diverse group of entertainers so there is a little something for everyone. If you read this blog it's safe to say that we share the same musical tastes so I thought I would share my top picks for today. The entire grid is also below. If you haven't purchased a ticket yet they will be available at the doors.

Girl In A Coma
Who: Naming themselves in homage of the Smiths' song "Girlfriend in a Coma," Girl in a Coma started in San Antonio, TX, with bassist Jenn Alva and drummer Phanie Diaz, two best friends who bonded thanks to a shared interest in Nirvana and the Smiths. The duo endured several failed experiments in both band lineups and musical styles before discovering that Nina Diaz, Phanie's younger sister, possessed talent as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter.

Why: Because they are named after a Smiths song and eventually went on to open several dates for Morrissey.

Grupo Fantasma featuring Larry Harlow
Who:The progressive genius of Grupo Fantasma, (Austin, TX) now in the tenth year of its long and intriguing musical journey, comes to life on El Existential set for a May 11th, 2010 release on Nat Geo Music. Known as the funkiest, finest, and hardest working Latin orchestra to come out of the United States in the last decade, the band has garnered critical acclaim worldwide for their adventurous albums, prudent songwriting and unprecedented live shows.

Why: Because Prince digs them and they are an Austin treasure. The real sell though is that they will be joined by the legendary Larry Harlow. Check out Larry performing with another great band The Mars Volta in the vid below.

Who: This Mexican-American quartet blends a raw yet sophisticated style of pop music with harmonies reminiscent of the Beatles and Beach Boys. As fate would have it, a demo of 6 songs landed in the hands of Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, and the band's life was forever changed. Soon after they were opening for The Black Keys in Austin Texas, as well as for Dr. Dog, gaining some much needed exposure.

Why: They were Dan Aurebach's backing band during solo tour and are recording their latest in The Black Keys hometown of Akron, Ohio.

Bomba Estereo
Who: Bomba Estéreo (Bogata, Colombia) make psychedelic cumbia and are from Bogotá, Colombia. The group, a musical project formed by Simón Mejía [w/ singer Liliana Saumet] in 2005, represent a new sound coming from Colombia. Their music merges folk sounds from the Colombian caribbean coast like cumbia, bullerengue and champeta mixed with electronica, reggae and hip-hop producing an explosive dance sound. Live shows involve 4 musicians combined with live video projections.

Why: Psychedelic Cumbia. Nuff said. If you miss them tonight they will also be doing an in store at End of an Ear tomorrow afternoon.

Festival Grid