SXSW 2010: KVRX Events

Thursday (3/18) 11:30pm - 3:00 am

Come get ready to rage at Abuelita's (the old Obama HQ at 12th and the highway on the East side).
Ear Pwr
Teenage Cool Kids
Hatred Surge
Endless Blockade
Ty Segall

Friday (3/19) 12:00pm -6:00pm

SPRING BAKED! Head on over to Okay Mountain (East Cesar Chavez and Navasota) on Friday March 19th to witness some amazing performances, rad art, and of course chill with lovely friends and sexy strangers.

Here's the lineup:
Fungi Girls
Turbo Fruits
Winter Gloves
Golden Triangle

Saturday (3/20) 12:00pm-6:00pm

Come on down to Domy Books on March 20 to enjoy the sweet sounds of:

Wave Hands Like Clouds
Eternal Tapestry
Thomas Function
Anni Rossi
Sonny and the Sunsets
Fergus and Geronimo
Teenage Cool Kids
Joan of Arc
The Splinters
The Entrance Band