SXSW 2010: Dominican Joe // Show List

Wednesday March 17th - Saturday March 20th
Dominican Joes Coffee Shop - 515 South Congress [MAP]

Wednesday March 17th...FREE SHOW!
"Louis, I think this is the beginning of a wonderful week of music…"

>Mantler (Toranto, CA) outside 3:30-4
>Niobe (Cologne, Germany) inside 4-4:30
>Annie and the Beekeepers (Brooklyn NY) outside 4:30-5
>Brian Douglas Phillips (ATX) inside 5-5:30
>The Reliques (ATX) outside 5:30-6
>David Ramirez (ATX) inside 6:-6:30
>This Old House (Denton TX) outside 6:30-7
>Ok Sweetheart (Denton TX) inside 7-7:30
>The Migrant (Copenhagen Denmark) outside 7:30-8
>Surrounded (Malmo, Sweden) inside 8-8:30
>Or the Whale (SF, CA)outside 8:30-9
>Clint Niosi (Ft Worth, TX) inside 9-9:30
>Archibald Adams and the Shimmering War Choir (ATX) outside 9:30-10
>Paperbird (Denver, CO) inside 10-10:30
>Dry River yacht club (Tempe AZ) outside 10:30-11
>Boy Eats Drum Machine (Portland, OR) Inside 11-11:30
>Dove Kins (Fort Collins, CO) outside11:30-12

Thursday, March 18th...FREE SHOW!
Supply And Demand records...all your friends are here

>Peter Wolf Crier - (Minneapolis, MN) inside 1:30
>Dinosaur Feathers - (Brooklyn, NY) outside 2:00
>Spirits Of The Red City - (Minneapolis, MN) inside 2:30
>Paleo - (USA) outside 3:00
>Daredevil Christopher Wright (Eau Claire, WI) inside 3:30pm
>Dark Dark Dark - (Minneapolis, MN) outside 4:00
>The Mynabirds - (Omaha, NE) inside 4:30
>La Strada - (Brooklyn, NY) outside 5:00
>Vandaveer - (Washington, DC) inside 5:30
>Dosh - (Minneapolis, MN) outside 6
>Julie Byrne (Buffalo, NY) INSIDE 7pm
>Blissed Out (Brooklyn, NY) OUTSIDE 7:30pm
>Quilt (Boston, MA) INSIDE 8pm
>Many Mansions (Boston, MA) OUTSIDE 8:30pm
>Lord Jeff (Northampton, MA) INSIDE 9pm
>Beach Fossils (Brooklyn, NY) OUTSIDE 9:30pm
>The Points North (Boston, MA) INSIDE 10pm
>Truman Peyote (Boston, MA) OUTSIDE 10:30pm
>Quiet Hooves (Athens, GA) INSIDE 11pm
>Prince Rama (Brooklyn, NY) OUTSIDE 11:30pm

Friday, March 19th...FREE SHOW!

Fort Wizard Grab Bag
>Jacob Metcalf (DAL, TX) inside 12-12:30
>Fox and the Bird (DAL, TX) outside 12:30-1
>Still Watters (LA, CA) inside 1-1:30
>Great American Novel (FTW) outside 1:30-2
>Hope Trust (Denton, TX) inside 2-2:30
>RTB2 (FTW) outside 2:30-3
>Literary Greats (Houston, TX) inside 3-3:30
>11 Bones (ATX) outside 3:30-4
>The Orbans (FTW) inside 4-4:30
>Chatterton (FTW) outside 4:30-5
>One a.m. Radio (LA, CA) inside 5-5:30
>Bad Veins (CINN, OH) outside 5:30-6
>Love Like Fire (SF, CA) inside 6-6:30
>Burning Hotels (FTW) outside 6:30-7
>Jonniene Zapata (LA,CA) inside 7-7:30
>The Murdocks (ATX) outside 7:30-8
>Tony Ferraro ELT (FTW) inside 8-8:30
>Whiskey Folk Ramblers (FTW) outside 8:30-9
>Fate Lions (FTW) inside 9-9:30
>Oso Closo (Denton, TX) outside 9:30-10
>Quaker City Nighthawks (FTW) inside 10-10:30
>Goodwin (FTW) outside 10:30-11
>DJ Lo Res (FTW) inside 11-11:30
>Rivercrest Yacht Club (FTW) outside 11:30-12

Saturday, March 20th...FREE SHOW!
Bummer Folk Rough Cut

>Krista Vossler (ATX) inside 1
>School of Liars (ATX) outside 1:30
>Chris Paddock (Providence, RI) inside 2
>Sydney Wayser (Brooklyn NY) outside 2:30
>James Farrell (Nashville, TN) inside 3
>Zeb Dewar (Portland OR) outside 3:30
>The Loblolly Boy (ATX) inside 4
>The Blank Tapes (SF, CA) outside 4:30
>Tyler Jordan and the Broken Necks (ATX) inside 5
>Judgement Day (SF,CA) outside5:30
>McMercy Family Band (ATX) inside 6
>Bearkat (ATX) inside 7
>Birds and Batteries (SF,CA) outside 7:30
>Philip seymour hoffman (LA, NY) inside 8
>Idiot Glee (Lexington, KY) outside 8:25
>Magic man (Boston, MA) inside 8:50
>I am the dot (Atlanta, GA) outside 9:15
>weed diamond (Denver, CO) inside 9:55
>wampire (Portland, OR) outside 10:25
>Truman Peyote (Boston, MA) inside 10:55
>millionyoung (FL) outside 11:30