Show Spotlight: Adi Fest 2.5 | Friday (2/5) at Beauty Bar


From the Knuckle Rumbler crew:

February 5th it is all going down. Back and forth in time with a result of grind. Knuckle Rumbler is matching wits with the Austinists’ most congenial music journalist to give your ears a cornucopia of sounds to vibe to. Bouncing from the 60s to 80s to whatever is in Prince Klassen’s grab bag of vinyl tricks, the night is sure to give everyone something they can appreciate, sing along to or just get dirty to on the dance floor.

How are we going to achieve this? With Jimi Hendrix , ZZ Top, and Queen! Repping each legendary artist are tremendous bands. Stonefree Experience (Jimi) , Cheap Sunglasses (ZZ), and Magnifico (Queen) are completely on top of their tribute game. Get ready to hear Bohemian Rhapsody, Sharp Dressed Man, and Purple Haze. In addition we will have Prince Klassen on the turn tables to fill in the gaps and keep the inside party bumpin.

In true Knuckle Rumbler fashion we will have Alison Narro running a rock n’ roll photo booth so you can prove to your parents the next day that you saw Jimi and Freddie Mercury on the same Beauty Bar stage. And if you are super thirsty, come early and enjoy complimentary beverage or four with Adi courtesy of Birds Barbershop. Other invited but unconfirmed guests include Mama Cass, Jim Morrison, Buddy Holly, Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin, Brett Michaels’ career, John Lennon, and the drummer of Spinal Tap.