8201 Interview - The White White Lights

We have been down with The White White Lights since day one. After catching the band at a show at Beauty Bar in front of a modest crowd over a year ago and knowing we had they to have them play having them play our first sponsored show to all the success they have achieved since then. We have always had high hopes for this band and now they are on the eve of releasing their first E.P "Medium Head Boy" on February 27th. In celebration the band will be having their release party the same night at Emo's and we were able to get some questions in with the band about the upcoming release. First things first though, mark that calendar.

The White White Lights | EP Release Party
Medium Head Boy EP | [Stream and Purchase]
Saturday January 27th at Emo's
w/ Cowabunga Babes and The Happen-Ins

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Onto the interview.....

So how did this whole thing start? It almost feels like TWWL came out of nowhere.

We did! We simply materialized out of the ether. (Actually, Jonas offered to record a Monster Girl album, and after a few months of playing together and a half-Lomita-half-Monster Girl show at Emo's, it became obvious that we should start something. The rest is glamorous rock and roll history.)

You have established yourselves over the last year with your live performances. What can someone who has seen you live expect from the EP? What songs made the cut?

The six songs on the EP are (in order): Space Invaders, Heresy, It's Cold Here In Japan, Doctor Doctor, Evangeline, and Devil's Son. We have a feeling our audience can expect to hear the same impactive sound we present live with a few extra embellishments here and there. We don't overdub any basics and try to stick to a one-take rule for every track, especially with vocals. It's very honest. What we've got coming out after this EP is even more stripped-down and live. We can't wait to share everything we've got.

Can you please explain what Medium Head Boy means? I sometimes think this can be a cliche interview question but I have to say I am curious.

He's a Medium Head Boy. Nothing too interesting, not too this or that, but he is fascinating nonetheless to someone or something somewhere. (It actually came from our unanimous love of The State.)

You are getting a lot of "Next Big Thing" and "Bands to Watch" mentions lately. What are your thoughts on that?

Our number one priority is making good music as a collective of different tastes, music that we enjoy and love playing. As long as we're digging it, we'll do it, regardless of how it's received -- so it's a fantastic bonus to have people actually like it. We've had such amazing support from this town.

You seem like such a visual band and we noticed the last time we saw you you had a little bit of that going on. What are your aspirations as far as how you present your live performance?

We assume you're referring to our trash-bag-of-feathers-and-glitter/leafblower combo? Haha. We like to put on a fun show and we're always into trying out crazy ideas. That was one of those. If we had unlimited funds, our shows would be crazy huge. We would blow lots of things up.

What are your plans for touring? Is that something you expect to start doing this year? And what can we expect during SXSW?

We want to tour, definitely, but as most of us (with the exception of Jenny) have spent many a hot summer cramped into a van living on 99-cent cheeseburgers and playing empty, dilapidated bars, we feel it might be better for our wallets, hearts and cholesterol levels to stick to places where we can play decent venues to a reasonable audience. So expect some random shows across the country soon. And SXSW is going to be crazy for us! Lots of opportunities to catch us, and as you can imagine, each set will probably be different.

What was the most memorable moment for you as a band last year?
Hard to say! It's all been fun... and it all was kinda blurry.

You do an amazing cover of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" during your live performances. With new material coming out do you think you will continue do covers during your live set?

Definitely. We love learning and playing covers. We like taking songs, hacking them up with chainsaws, and sewing them back together into our own design.

[Photo Credit: Daniel Perlaky]