Top 10 Films of 2010

1) The Social Network
The script begins:

MARK ZUCKERBERG is a sweet looking 19 year old whose lack of any physically intimidating attributes masks a very complicated and dangerous anger. He has trouble making eye contact and sometimes it’s hard to tell if he’s talking to you or to himself.

This is the writing that is left off-screen. It only gets better as the accomplished cast breathes life into Aaron Sorkin’s rhythmic dialogue. Sorkin’s words, Finch’s direction, Reznor’s score, and Croenweth’s digital cinematography reveal professionals at the top of their games. They capture the Facebook zeitgeist with the apparent effortlessness of a “Like It” click.

2) Winter's Bone
To borrow from the main character’s maxim: “Never ask for what ought to be offered.”

3)Black Swan
Jeff Goldblum’s “Brundlefly” has got nuthin’ on this metamorphosis.

4) Inside Job
The most intense film this year that didn’t involve self-amputation.

5) 127 Hours
The most intense film this year that didn’t involve Wall Street swindling.

6) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Magical realism for the Twitter generation. Look for this box office bob-omb to be reborn as a cult classic.

7) Toy Story 3
Finally, a film that is not afraid to shine the light on the epidemic of terrifying creatures known as “toddlers.”

8) Exit Through the Gift Shop
If Warhol did not exist, Banksy would have to invent him.

9) The Town
Affleck pulls triple duty on this riveting heist flick. How do you like them apples?!

10) Lovers of Hate
This local film hits a home run for the lo-fi-low-budget-just-get-out-there-and-do-it filmmaking ethos.