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Austin Free Week : 2010


Mohawk: Baron Grod, Honey and Salt

Red 7: Head Panic, Blood Royale, Night Siege, Shredheads, Dead Reckoning (9pm)

Beauty Bar: Major Major Major, The Night, GOBI

Emos: (Inside): The Carrots, JC & Co. (members of Voxtrot), Cowabunga Babes, Bear Claw, Literature (members of Mothfight!)
(Outside): BRAD'S BIRTHDAY BLOODFEAST with Children in Heat (Misfits Tribute!), Dolls From the Crypt, Flash Boys, Hoodrats, Scrabble Robot


Mohawk: Obsolete Machines, String, Ovenbirds
Red 7: Cruiserweight, Lemuria, O'Pioneers!!!, The Anchor, tba 9pm

Beauty Bar: Super Lite Bike, The Always Already, Planet Rye Co, The Criminal Kind

Emos: (Outside): Mutating Meltdown, Diagonals, Low Red Center, Elvis, Coma in Algiers
(Inside): Pataphysics, No Mas Bodas, The Gospel Truth, Horse + Donkey


Mohawk: Scorpion Child, The Roller,
Smoke and Feathers, Shitty Carwash

Red 7: La Snacks, Midgetmen, The Gary, Frantic Clam, Opposite Day (9pm)
Club Deville: Honky, Vinhomudeh, Mobley

The Parish: Wine and Revolution, Hollywood Gossip, Politics, DJ Mel

Beauty Bar: Stereo is a Lie, Strange Attractors, She Sir, New Roman Times

Emos: (Outside): Brothers & Sisters, The Laughing, Ovenbirds, Oh No Oh My
(Inside): New Disaster, Born to Lose, The Bulemics, 13th Victim

Encore: The Versatile Syndicate Free Week Melee with Muchos Backflips, We The Granada, Bridge Farmers


Mohawk: Brazos, TV Torso, Great Nostalgic (9pm, outside stage)
Ume,Transmography, Daniel Francis Doyle, Many Birthdays (9pm, inside stage)

Red 7: Hacienda, Shapes Have Fangs, Strange Attractors, Cowabunga Babes, Flowers (9pm outside stage) Get Action DJs (sabrina e, brother jamal, grandmaster b) (inside)
Club Deville: Smoke and Feathers, Prayer for Animals, Masonic
The Parish: Sounds Under Radio, Suzanna Choffel, Zookeeper, Wiretree, DJ Markus

Emos: (Outside): Jungle Rockers, The Skeletons, Nick Curran & the Lowlifes, The Sandworms, Heart & Soul Soundsystem (DJing in between sets)
(Inside): Mothfight!, YellowFever, Red Leaves, Haunting Oboe Music, The Eastern Sea

Encore: The Versatile Syndicate Free Week Melee with The Paper Shapes, Crash Gallery

and Obsolete Machines


Mohawk: The Laughing, Low Line Caller, MoTel Aviv (outside stage 9pm)
Christian Bland & the Revelators, Headdress, Tunnels, Cartright (inside stage)

Red 7: Lower Class Brats, Krumbums, Sober Daze, Black Irish, tba (9pm outside stage)
DJ Sambo (of complete control) (inside)

Club Deville: Corto Maltese, She Sir, Candi and the Strangers

The Parish: L.A.X., Auto Body, Freshmillions (with members of the Sword), Gobi, DJ


Beauty Bar: Prince Klassen

Emos: (Outside): The Crack Pipes, The Golden Boys, The Royal Butchers, Follow That Bird!
(Inside): Ume, Speak, The Authors, White White Lights, The Always Already


Mohawk: Lucy the Poodle presents: T-bird and the Breaks, The Carrots, Ugly Beats, The Hi-Tones (8:30pm outside stage)
Lucy the Poodle presents: Missions (ex-Clap Clap), Death is not a joyride., No Mas Bodas, Clouds are Ghosts (inside stage)

Red 7: Big Mess (Devo Cover Band), Watching The Moon, We'll God Machete, Paper Shapes (9pm outside stage)
Shitty Carwash, Eagle Claw, White Rhino, Markov, Thieves (9pm inside stage)

Club Deville: Burning Hotels, Watch out for Rockets, Haunting Oboe Music

The Parish: The Bright Light Social Hour, the Frontier Brothers, MoTel Aviv, Derty Bird

Beauty Bar: Car Stereo (Wars), The Laughing, Mothfight!, All My Friends

Emos: (Outside): ATTAK (iN)FORMATION, Tia Carrera, Broken Gold, This Horn of Afrika, Zorch
(Inside): The Hex Dispensers, The Sinks, The Altars, Shanghai River


Red 7: Set Aflame, Bonnie Blue, Let the Dead, tba (early show 6pm)
Exeter, Woolgather, In Situ Sound, The Devil Rides (late show 10pm)

The Parish: Dennis Ludiker Trio, the Copper Pots

Emos: (Outside):A Giant Dog, Bad Sports, Cause for Applause, Elvis
(Inside): Red X Red M, Woodgrain, Eagle Claw, ODEZCO, Expensive Shit