WOXY Presents [ACL Aftershow] : Broken Social Scene at the Seaholm Power Plant (Oct. 2nd)

We tweeted about this the other day but felt it deserved it's own post. The good people at WOXY and Rare Magazine are presenting a show with Broken Social Scene at the Seaholm Power Plant (map) on Friday, Oct. 2nd. The best part is it's FREE (with RSVP) and starts right after ACL ends for the evening at 10pm and continues throughout the morning until 4am.

Update: Generationals and Corto Maltese have been added to the lineup as well.

From The Futurist:

The decommissioned Seaholm Power Plant has been virtually out of reach for all Austinites since its construction in the 1950’s. For years, the Art Deco building has held a great deal of mystery to passersby due to its looming presence and restricted access. But things will change in October as Rare Magazine has been given the keys to the Seaholm and will host the first large scale public event to take place at the power plant on the nights of October 2nd and 3rd. WOXY is proud to present the first night with one of our favorite bands. VIP guests and attending artists will encounter an unrivaled experience, as the industrial mammoth is turned into a lounge and green room, complete with DJ’s, dance floor, and bar.