Monolith Festival Spotlight : The Antlers

We will definitely be getting to Monolith Festival early on Saturday to catch The Antlers, one of the bands we have on our must-see list. Their album Hospice is hauntingly beautiful and sure to finish atop many blogger's and other site's best-of-lists (including ours). It garnered an 8.5 review from Pitchfork and NPR placed it at the top of their best-of-list so far.

A little background on the band:

Peter Silberman, vocalist/guitarist (and many more instruments) of The Antlers originally started releasing music under his name after moving to Brooklyn a few years back. He immersed himself in recording in a new city, even isolating himself from friends and family. In 2007, he released In the Attic of the Universe, but after getting tired of working by himself he befriended Michael Lerner (drums, percussion) and Darby Cicci (keyboards, trumpet, bowed banjo) to help him make up the rest of the band.

As we mentioned earlier the band's most recent album Hospice is extremely powerful. It features a story of a man that loses a loved one to bone cancer and staying by her bedside until she unfortunately passes. The lyrics (download the liner notes here) are incredibly heartfelt and triggers emotions that far too many families have had to endure, myself included. Originally independently released by the band in March, it sold more copies than they could keep up with. French Kiss Records noticed and signed the band immediately. Hospice has since been re-mastered and re-released as of last month.

If you'd like to read more about The Antlers, Austin blog Pink Lip Pariah interviewed Peter Silberman when the band was in town this past June when they opened for Au Revoir Simone. WOXY even recorded a live session with the trio earlier this year as well, listen to it here.

The Antlers - Two (mp3)
The Antlers - Bear (mp3)

The Antlers play the Monolith Festival on Saturday, Sept. 12 on the WOXY.COM Indoor Stage at 1:40pm. Tickets are still available today to purchase online with one-day passes for $59.50 or a two-day pass for $110.

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Here's the video for "Two".

(Photo Cred: Ben Ritter)