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Monolith Festival Spotlight : (MF) Doom

IMG_2015 by slay1975.

Patterning his persona and logo after the Marvel Comics supervillain Dr. Doom, the man behind MF (Metal Face) Doom's iron mask is actually Daniel Dumile, aka Zev Love X, a member of former Big Apple hip-hoppers KMD. After years spent recording with KMD and then spent in label "limbo" Zev supposedly went underground for 5 years nursing his wounds and swearing revenge for the industry that so badly "deformed" him. The mask he wears constantly is a part of the concept. It was also the subject of a lot of criticism during last years Rock The Bells tour where he was repeatedly accused of using an double on stage and taking in the money from the show while not even attending. Whether or not it's true remains to be seen but it should make for an interesting appearance at this years festival.