WOXY comes to Austin, instantly fits right in by having a BBQ at Scoot.

I Heart WOXY by sprocket87.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago the wonderful online radio station WOXY.com will be making it's way down to Austin, TX and setting up camp. When we first heard the news we were really excited because what better place than Austin for them to go? Imagine the possibilities for them to record live performances with all the bands coming through town. And now maybe they can invite us to come check out these performances? hint hint...

Well now the good people of WOXY are in town and are kicking things off with a welcome party at Scoot Inn next Sunday 9/6. Setting things off right they will have Black Before Red, TV Torso, English Teeth and Martin Crane all performing. And if that's not enough there will also be Tito's Vodka, Sweet Leaf Tea, BBQ and sweet drink specials. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Welcome to Austin WOXY!