New Videos from The Walkmen | "On The Water" & Guggenheim Performances

The new video for The Walkmen's "On The Water" is a gorgeous CGI creation. Watch the bunnies run for cover from a hunter and his dog under a dark cloudy sky. (via)

"On The Water" comes from the latest album from The Walkmen, the brilliant You & Me. Looking back the album should have been included on our top albums list last year. Hindsight is great, isn't it?


To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Manhattan museum The Guggenheim started a new concert series called It Came From Brooklyn to showcase some of Brooklyn's finest bands performing in the Frank Lloyd Wright rotunda. The series kicked off last week with performances by The Walkmen, High Places and The Brooklyn Steppers, and also included readings of Walt Whitman by Colson Whitehead in between sets. Watch as Ray Concepcion films three gems ("In The New Year", "On The Water", "Red Moon") in his own unique style from The Walkmen's most recent album. (via The FADER)

In the near future, (September 25th to be exact) The Guggenheim will be presenting music by Julian Plenti (Paul Banks of Interpol) and I'm In You, readings from Rivka Galchen and Hampton Fancher, and comedian Eugene Mirman as MC. Seriously, how cool would it be to attend this? Stayed tuned to The Guggenheim's official site for ticket sale announcements.

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