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Knuckle Rumbler and Turn2Live present Thunderheist, L.A.X and Vicious

Our good friends at Knuckle Rumbler have teamed up with Turn2Live.com again for another great show. 

THUNDERHEIST @ Emo’s August 27th

So in the vein of KR events, this show will be cheap to get in, the crowd will be moving, and you should probably leave a change of shirt in the car for the after party.

This event is going to sell out because its only $5 with RSVP at Turn2Live.com/rsvp Opening up will be the incredibly talented L.A.X. and Vicious. Also be sure to create your own tee with Tripp Custom T-Shirts who will be on site.

If you don’t know about Thunderheist, get to dancing here: [THUNDERHEIST]:

Canada’s electronic rap duo Thunderheist — MC Isis and producer Grahm Zilla — combine their love of old-school hip-hop with beats that draw on synth-disco, electro, and booty bass to make trendy party music that attempts to avoid ironic hipster detachment without taking itself too seriously.

About Turn2Live.com :

Poised to change the way people find live music events, Turn2Live.com is the first online tool that enables users to discover shows using intuitive search terms. These terms exist outside of the traditional boundaries of genre, artist and venue and include creative, mood-oriented keywords such as “sunny” and “sensual.” Plus, with our search-by location feature, you’ll never have to travel far to find the music you love.