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New Muse :: "United States of Eurasia"

We are extremely excited for the release of the new Muse album, The Resistance! Not due out until Sept. 15, the band has chosen to release "United States of Eurasia" in six different parts and unlock the song throughout different cities in the world with fans finding USBs and pasting the song together.

Starting on July 15th, five sections of the song United States of Eurasia out of six were unlocked in the viral game 'Ununited States of Eurasia' on Muse's official website . The five sections have been pasted together and, thus, about three minutes of the song can be heard. On the 20th of July, the 6th part was found, but the song is still incomplete (on the track listing it is over 5 minutes) now the virtual game has been introduced to the USA, with the official website asking for 'recognition' from the USA to help complete the song. But too lazy to go through all that? Yeah us too, so give it a listen below......

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