ACL Schedule Released, Beastie Boys forced to cancel appearance

IMG_1061 by djatkinson77.

I am sure you have already seen somewhere today the Austin City Limits Festival schedule was released this morning. This is always scary because of the possible conflicts in the schedule. Everyone has different tastes so I am sure some were annoyed in some way this morning but I am happy to say that I have no real conflicts.

The sad news is that the Beastie Boys have been forced to cancel their appearance at the festival due to Adam Yauch being diagnosed with a tumor. Apparently it was caught early and he will have surgery and should be okay. You can get the full info on that from the Beasties [here]. I guess we will have to wait and see if they get a replacement or shift some of the schedule around. We will keep you posted. If you missed the schedule check it out day to day below..