Bjork's Voltaic Concert Film To Be Released in June, Screened at The Downtown Alamo Drafthouse (Ritz) In July

Bjork's Voltaic is 2 CD/2 DVD, which features a live album of songs from her Volta tour, a Volta tour DVD of her live shows in Paris and Reykjavik, a DVD with numerous videos off her Volta album, and lastly, a CD of remixes of Volta songs from the likes of Ratatat and Simian Mobile Disco. The box set will be released on June 23rd, Amazon has it listed for $39.99 as of today.

According to the Austin Decider, the 71 minute concert film will be shown at the Downtown Alamo Drafthouse (Ritz) on Monday, July 20th. This screening is a one-off show, with tickets already on sale for the 9:35 showing for a ridiculous $2. Purchase them here.

The film will also be showing in other theaters across the U.S. For more info and a list of cities, check out

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