New Beastie Boys :: "Lee Majors Come Again" & "B Boys in the Cut"

According to Stereogum, random copies of the vinyl re-issued Check Your Head collector's set came with a bonus 7" that includes two new, previously unreleased tracks. The first unreleased track, titled “Lee Majors Come Again,” is rap over hardcore instrumentation. The second, titled “B Boys in the Cut,” is an a cappella track, which you might have heard at one of their live shows.

Mic To Mic points out that, the lyrics indicate that these are new: "In 'Lee Majors Come Again,' Yauch references Mix Master Mike and his 'sneeze guard.' Mix Master Mike was not their DJ during the CYH period, and he's only used the sneeze guard since 2006." Check them both out down below.

"B Boys In The Cut"

(Via Steady Bloggin')

In addition to playing both this year's Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits, it would be a special treat to catch them at their ACL TV Taping (no word on that date as of yet).