Tonight: The Virgins, Lissy Trullie and Anya Marina at Emo's

Tonight is one of those rare nights where not only do you have a great line up of artists on one bill but they are booked to play the inside stage at Emo's when they could easily fill the outside stage. Lucky for us that stage is booked and we get a great show in an intimate setting. The only problem with this is that everyone needs to hurry because it will probably sell out.

Headlining is New York latest buzz band The Virgin's. We got hooked on their E.P last year and missed them during their previous visits to Austin. Their single Rich Girls was easily one of the most addicting tracks I heard all last year and their self titled debut will be available on June 2nd so we should be getting a good preview of that. They will also be back in Austin for the Austin City Limits Festival later this year.

Lissy Trullie caught our attention this year at The Fader Fort during SXSW. It was early and we were just starting on the first drink of the day when this girl comes on stage and plays this extremely catchy cover of Hot Chips "Ready on the Floor". Obviously this caught everyones attention so we made our way closer to the stage and watched her deliver an excellent set.

And opening up will be Anya Marina who up until a few days ago I didn't know too much about. I gave it one listen and was hooked. She worked with Britt Daniel of Spoon on tracks from her latest album and is definitely the type of opener you do not miss. I have had the worst luck with openers lately so I will be getting there extra early. You should too.

The Virgins, Lissy Trullie and Anya Marina at Emo's
Tonight | May 27th | Shows at 10pm | $12 [Purchase Tickets]