Animal Collective DJ Set at Waterloo Records on June 5th | 5pm

Waterloo Records just announced that Animal Collective will be doing a DJ set in store before the bands very SOLD OUT show on June 5th at Stubb's. Not a full on in store performance but if you didn't get tickets this is better than nothing. Plus I am sure they will probably be incorporating some of the visuals they have been mentioning as part of their next release. Either way I doubt it will suck....

Animal Collective Live DJ Set | Waterloo Records
June 5th at 5pm (Get there early!!!)

UPDATE**** This appears to have been cancelled but according to Waterloo it's not 100% confirmed yet. As soon as we get an official confirmation we will let you know.

UPDATE #2 ***** They will be in store but it's just says they will be making an appearance and signing copies of their albums for fans. Apparently no DJ set but you never know.