Gvsb Presents (Live in Dallas) :: White Denim, PVC Street Gang, Harlem, and Fight Bite

Trust us, we know June is gonna be a busy concert month here in Austin (Passion Pit, Helio Sequence, Animal Collective, Little Joy, CLUES, White Rabbits, Santigold, Grizzly Bear, St. Vincent, Sunset Rubdown, Jenny Lewis, and more) but our friends Gvsb are throwing down a sweet concert in Dallas well worth a road trip. On the bill: White Denim, PVC Street Gang, Harlem, and Fight Bite. It's happening on Saturday, June 13th at Harry's Pastime Tavern (map).

To be honest, White Denim took a while to win us over. Having seen them several times, we just weren't sold. That all changed with their performance at The Parish last month. We're definitely fans. Better late than never right?

White Denim - Mirrored and Reverse (mp3)
Harlem - South of France (mp3)
Fight Bite - Swissex Lover (mp3)

Check out this great video of White Denim's James Petralli performing "IEIEIE" in an elevator. (via FLUX-rad)