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New Music from The xx & Video for "Crystalised"

We've been digging The xx (pronounced "ex ex") since stumbling upon their video "Crystalised" on The Fader earlier (they also have an interview with the band too). Although the video is pretty lackluster, as it just features the band leaning against a wall playing their instruments with projections going across their faces and behind them, the song on the other hand is very entrancing. The music is simple, yet works with the guy and girl vocals just right.

The band are four 19 year olds (Baria, Jamie, Oliver, and Romy) from South West London. They list their influences (according to their Myspace) as Aaliyah to CocoRosie, Rihanna to The Cure, Missy Elliott to Chromatics, The Kills to Ginuwine, Pixies to Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake to Tracy + the plastics. Their first single "Crystalised" was just released a few days back on Young Turks and the b-side includes a cover of Aaliyah's "Hot Like Fire" (purchase it here). The foursome are currently working on a full-length due out in September.

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